Necessity is the Mother of Invention – Why I can’t wait for the next Google Update!

seo tornado

Why SEO needs a tsunami, earthquake or flood to shake things up a bit

Just a thought – Does SEO need a panda update every so often to spark new ideas?

One of the problems working in the SEO industry is that a lot of ideas get regurgitated every few months, which makes it extremely difficult to find that one article or blog post that has any value.

Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of good stuff out there but once you’ve read one post about the dangers of over-optimised anchor text, you’ve read them all.

That’s why I’m in full anticipation of the next Panda update, as at least it will spark new ideas. In fact, I’m actually waiting for the day that Google decides to: devalue links, completely ignore meta-data or just shifts to a complete social media algorithm to rank websites.

Whether any of the catastrophes above will happen is highly unlikely, but you get the idea.

Take the following posts:

Online Brand Marketing
How Google+ Can Help Your Business
Excel and Keyword Analysis
The Right URL Structure
Link Building Sources (Tick List)

If you haven’t read these then chances are you’ve read something very similar, and what’s worse if you wait a few weeks you’ll re-read them again but by a new author and with a new date stamp.

I’m not saying I’ve learnt it all, far from it. I’m just waiting for that new catastrophe to make things a little more interesting.

It’s not a a coincidence that the Renaissance was preceded by the Hundred Years War and the Black Death. Nor is it a coincidence that some of the greatest technological advancements ever occurred during World War II. Necessity really is the mother of invention and right now there’s no necessity. “SEO experts” know what works, so they don’t explore new techniques and in turn write about the same things over and over again.

Trust me I’m not a cynic or a member of the NWO, I’m just in anticipation of the next big topic; whatever that may be.

2 Comments on “Necessity is the Mother of Invention – Why I can’t wait for the next Google Update!”

  1. James Welch says:

    Nature is the ‘new’ seo, but it always has been :)

  2. tudordavies says:

    That fits in with my comments on the Renaissance and World War II thinking about it.

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