2 Comments on “Share Building to become the new Link Building”

  1. In answer to the final question…

    I would probably tweet maybe 10 or so…but 1, maybe 2 I would link to. These would be the real cream…so…is it best for google to give equal kudos to something that is tweeted once and linked to once? I would say no…I think that if something is tweeted say 10 times, this would be like 1 link perhaps…

    based on what we know about network science, lurkers etc, I am telling you now that one tweet/like will NOT be equal to one link…

    So, while you are absolutely spot-on with how the future of the internet looks (Google has no option but to take social media in to consideration), it is NOT an equalitarian system.

    Time to take to retweet – a minute or so
    Time to take to create a new tweet – 5-10 mins
    Time to take to create a blog post – 30 mins-2 hours

    Therefore, a link is NOT equal to a tweet.

    I do not think that they will ever be devalued. In fact, depending on an author score system, they will become even more precious and worthy.

    • Tudor Davies says:

      I suppose that’s when author authority comes into play, which is why it is so important that people post under their own name and build a web presence as themselves. Real profiles in the right places can do wonders for building up an author’s credibility.

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