Pest Blogging vs Guest Blogging: A Word of Warning

Beware of who you email when it comes to guest blogging

For sometime now I have been trying to guest blog as a means of not only gaining links but increasing brand awareness with relevant audiences. However, I have recently been a victim of bad practices at the hands of a “summer intern” and been faced with the very same types of links that I have been in the process of removing for clients that have suffered from the Google Penguin update.

Although the problem has now been resolved (I have managed to get all of the links removed) I have learnt a valuable lesson about guest blogging. See below for my thoughts:

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36 Content Strategies: Cool Content Curated

I’ve been thinking about content lately, I’ve been writing some guest posts and wrote a few pieces in order to attract readers/followers on Twitter for some clients.

And I’m starting to see how valuable, content can be and that when done right it can attract a lot of readers and can even gain natural rankings within Google. It is also good for attracting “trackback links”, which might not necessarily be the best type of links in the world (and are reciprocal) but nevertheless are extremely relevant.

Something I have realised is that great content takes more than 90 minutes to write, so put your stop watches away. If you want to write an amazing blog then you have to dedicate as much times as is needed in order to get it right. I recently spent about 3 hours writing just one blog post (for IT Rentals) and I think this post took just as much time.

So with content in mind here are some of the articles that have recently caught my eye.

What Is SEO Content? A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Content for SEO

@imarketingvlc iMarketing Valencia
SEO Content 101: Learn what SEO content is, the different types of SEO content, and how to develop an SEO c… #seo

10 Types of Helpful SEO Content - Search Engine Watch (SEW)

@carlesdijous Carles Dijous (AA)
10 Types of Helpful SEO Content. #SEO

Unhappy Feet: 79 Top Penguin Tweets, Blogs and Articles

With so much talk and buzz around the Google Penguin update, it is fairly easy for an important article to pass you by.

So I have compiled a list of the top 80 penguin SEO tweets and articles. These are some of the best resources out there and really should read if you are trying to recover from Penguin and want to know the best way to proceed.

4 Ways to Protect Your Website from Future Penguin Updates | Search Engine People | Toronto
4 Ways to Protect Your Website from Future Penguin Updates #penguin #SEO via @senginepeople by @NickStamoulis

From: @cpvr Carlos Andrade Jr

What The Penguin? – State of Search

What The Penguin? – via @StateofSearch #google #penguin #infographic
From: @edgewebradio Edge of the Web

Ranking in Google after Penguin. « Jonathan Leger – SEO And Internet Marketing Blog

Good post with real life examples – ranking in Google after Penguin via @jonathanleger
From: @turnerink Sarah Turner

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Terrible Tourism: Pitfalls of the travel and tourism industry

If you have ever been on holiday then you will have some experience of travel agents. On the whole they can be quite helpful and have even done some travelling themselves so they will know where best to visit.

But then there are also bad agents out there and if you have been unlucky enough to have spoken to one of these then your holiday may very have been ruined and you could have spent a lot of money on a holiday that wasn’t right for you. So, let’s assess some of the terrible issues within the tourist industry that you should be aware of:

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Microblog – Guest Blogging

I’ve been working on some guest blogging opportunities this weekend, so that’s why I haven’t written a blog. But I may put up my SEO Infographics post for the week, as I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one.

Next week, business as usual and I’ll be back on the blog and on Twitter.


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