SEO Infographics: A week in pictures

First in the series of a week in pictures

This is just a round up of some of the pictures / images / infographics that I’ve found to be high quality and informative.

vabulous.comSEO Infographics - Vabulous - Seo Mountain seomoz.orgSEO Infographics - SEOMoz - Inbound Funnel seomoz.orgSEO Infographics - SEOMoz - Techniques Scattergraph
Mashable.comSEO Infographics - Mashable - Search Traffic Nerdyface.comSEO Infographics - NerdyFace - SEO Explained Backlinkbidder.comSEO Infographics - Backlinkbidder - SEO Wars

Pinterest Popped: Why It Won’t Drive Traffic To Your Site

pinterest  poppedPinterest: Analysis of the real traffic winners

Pinterest has been gaining a lot of interest over the last few months, with nearly every other tweet being about the new social site.

One of the main claims is that it is a great site for driving traffic to your website. However, these claims cannot be taken at face value.

Just like any other social site Pinterest can be a beneficial platform for your social media campaign, but it is unlikely to  improve traffic and here’s why.

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Is Your Social Identity Complete?

Social identity is made up of parts, do you have every piece?

In the real world who we are is made up of parts. Parent, child, grandparent, aunt, friend, lover, wife, husband, employee, celebrity – the list goes on.

The same is true online, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ – these site help us to create our online identity. What’s more, if we are not on an important site then our identity is incomplete, it’s as if a jigsaw piece is missing.

So if you are just getting into social media then think about what you want to say about yourself and what impression you want to give to the world. If you don’t have a rounded identity then your reach will be low and people won’t take you seriously.

Pinterest – Everyone is Talking About it

Pinterest – I can see the appeal

Ok, so I’m on Pinterest. To see some of the infographics I’ve “pinned” go to

Here’s a screenshot of my link building board – any comments are welcome.

Social Media Diversity Diagram

What do you think?

Give me your thoughts on my social media diversity diagram

social media diversity diagram

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