Pest Blogging vs Guest Blogging: A Word of Warning

Beware of who you email when it comes to guest blogging

For sometime now I have been trying to guest blog as a means of not only gaining links but increasing brand awareness with relevant audiences. However, I have recently been a victim of bad practices at the hands of a “summer intern” and been faced with the very same types of links that I have been in the process of removing for clients that have suffered from the Google Penguin update.

Although the problem has now been resolved (I have managed to get all of the links removed) I have learnt a valuable lesson about guest blogging. See below for my thoughts:

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Unhappy Feet: 79 Top Penguin Tweets, Blogs and Articles

With so much talk and buzz around the Google Penguin update, it is fairly easy for an important article to pass you by.

So I have compiled a list of the top 80 penguin SEO tweets and articles. These are some of the best resources out there and really should read if you are trying to recover from Penguin and want to know the best way to proceed.

4 Ways to Protect Your Website from Future Penguin Updates | Search Engine People | Toronto
4 Ways to Protect Your Website from Future Penguin Updates #penguin #SEO via @senginepeople by @NickStamoulis

From: @cpvr Carlos Andrade Jr

What The Penguin? – State of Search

What The Penguin? – via @StateofSearch #google #penguin #infographic
From: @edgewebradio Edge of the Web

Ranking in Google after Penguin. « Jonathan Leger – SEO And Internet Marketing Blog

Good post with real life examples – ranking in Google after Penguin via @jonathanleger
From: @turnerink Sarah Turner

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SEO Infographics: A Week in Pictures #6

Google Revenue 2011
SEO Infographics
Business Impact of Social Media
SEO Infographics
Twitter 2012
SEO Infographics
Web Design Clients
SEO Infographics
Can We Trust Google?
SEO Infographics
Testing Social Signals
SEO Infographics
Penguin Infographic
SEO Infographics
Social Media – Getting Results
SEO Infographics
Psychology of Colour
SEO Infographics
Facebook App Development
SEO Infographics
Websites Simplified
SEO Infographics
Sharing Through the Ages
SEO Infographics

Is Your Social Identity Complete?

Social identity is made up of parts, do you have every piece?

In the real world who we are is made up of parts. Parent, child, grandparent, aunt, friend, lover, wife, husband, employee, celebrity – the list goes on.

The same is true online, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ – these site help us to create our online identity. What’s more, if we are not on an important site then our identity is incomplete, it’s as if a jigsaw piece is missing.

So if you are just getting into social media then think about what you want to say about yourself and what impression you want to give to the world. If you don’t have a rounded identity then your reach will be low and people won’t take you seriously.


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